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Creating codependent partners; building patterns.

Prior to arriving in Paris in February of 2018, I befriended a young gentleman whom we shall call Tomb - it's close enough to his name. With the desire to not waste anyone's time - I stated my pure intentions. My stay in Paris was two days, and I wanted to make the best of it. Hang out with a handsome Frenchman who'll show me around. Specifically one man... .. Okay, maybe that was vague. Back to the story: we chatted a bit, then I asked him to add me on Google hangouts. He did, and this is where the blog post begins. The first time after adding me on Google chats - He messaged me every morgen mornintv at 7 am. "Hey" turned into an hour long chat until I would go to sleep. I thought he was mature and seemed fun to talk to, despite him being 3 years my junior. The following day, the chat at the same time occurred again.... until it became a pattern. Our one hour conversations became 3. 3 hours became 5 up until we spoke for 13 hours every single day. Getting…