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Hi all,

I'll explain in two weeks where I've been, without the dirty details lol. But I have a few quick questions and updates

I finished "how to psychoanalyze someone" finally! It'll be on Pre order soon.

Second,  I got a car!!! It's an 03' Mercedes-Benz convertible .. Well someone gave it to me for my birthday lol.  If anyone from Toronto wants to buy,  email me :) posted the pics on my twitter.

Here's the link to my twitter

Now for the important parts!!

1) can someone pls send me updated marketplace onion links for tor?? You can post under anon here or email me. Don't ask why I need

2) does anyone want to buy my bitcoin?? Not much only a few hundred

Anyways you have my contact info if you are interested in any of this stuff

Additional note: don't comment about anything that isn't related to the above topics. 😊