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A note to all the people who have/will purchase my first and second book:


I've seen and heard about what kinds of things people do with the information in my book, which leads me to writing this letter. :)

I understand the audience who purchases the first and second book. Sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists (please don't), wanna - be socio or psychopaths, unsatisfied manipulative people, and aspiring killers:

PLEASE direct yourself to THE LEGAL DISCLAIMER of my book.

Once you've read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER (multiple times) - don't sue me for any actions taken by or against you. Thank you so much !!

Also: please stop killing my reputation (no pun intended). Haha, please keep your sick twisted manipulations to yourself, not on PUBLIC forums. Please please be smart.


Psychoanalysis book issue (please comment)

Hey everyone

Sorry I've been busy,  I've developed some bad habits which have lead to some extremely unfortunate events

 These events have kept me from continuing to work on fixing these issues, and writing.

But I'm back for you guys,  recovering :)

So I posted the Link in the post comments below this post. However,  some people have said there are some issues. I can't keep track of all the emails, so I figured it would be best if everyone left a comment on what the issue is. It would be good to see the collective issues all in one place.


Thanks for your patience