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Hey all,

Now, I wanted to apologize about my last post "you can't contact me". Of course I tried to keep my cool, but when many people are emailing me saying/accusing me of the same things - it gets frustrating. I shouldn't have bragged, or become arrogant, or allow myself to be bothered by VERY nosey comments/questions that have nothing to do with my work. After all, if it weren't for you guys - I wouldn't be living out my dreams as an author, or taking my mom on this [superrr expensive] trip to Greece. Trust me, I'm grateful for all of your support but please understand I have feelings and emotions too, so please stick to questions about my work. I'll even post the [relevant] questions on here, so others who may have that question also - will finally have their answers. But seriously - do not ask me things like what I look like, if I'd like to join you for a coffee in Athens (although, you we might walk past each other - and not even know it.. i…

Personality profile: Mama's Boy.

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I'm sorry I have not posted in a long time. I have been busy with some things like you know......some duties......of some kind......

There are 2 types of mama's boys:

1) the fearful one who cannot detach from his mother because his mother is well.. kinda wild, and he doesn't want to be punished for leaving her behind... Like the Norman bates type (not sure if you watched that series), but basically a very negative attachment to his mom, who controls and manipulates him. This type essentially seek out the negative character traits of this type of mother, even women who might punish him, but if you add in some motherly nurturing love very slowly, then type might become very very obsessed with you because you're giving him a sense of familiarity yet something he so deeply craves......

2) the one who just doesn't know better and will always search for a mother figure, particularly his own mother. This guy will always need to be treated li…

Paris, France.

Omg  .. Stop it.  You're so creepy.!! Leave me alone!  I know you know you're being such a creep.  You act so cold to me in text but then you get all creepy up in my space like this.  STOP. NOW.

None of you can contact me, sick and tired of this bullshit.

Some of you guys just emailing me stupid shit, asking about my personal life - then getting pissed off because I don't share about my personal life anymore, and I'm becoming "commercialized" and calling me arrogant? How am I being arrogant? Wanna hear arrogant??? I made 4grand in one day - the other day, JUST from sales (YOUR ONE MONTH'S SALARY). Some of you just need to learn to shut the f**** up. If I'm arrogant then I've EVERY. PIECE. OF. IT. None of you understand the blood, sweat, tears I put into my work, nor do you understand the sleepless years I have put into my books and writing.

. See, I tried to keep my ego in check, but now that I see you fools are really trying to provoke me - there you go. With those amounts in a day, I NEED to get my shit together. I'm a "housewife" and the money gets invested into marketing and shit. So my "husband" thought I was just using this money to play - naw, I know my potential and here I a…


For anyone else wondering. Answer would be plastic surgery.  Although most girls want to be known as natural, so I don't typically like to flaunt the fact that my entire face is made up,  but hey, if it helps you guys understand.. Plastic surgery does wonders for the unfortunate  😉

Book#3 Idea: "How To Make Masses Obsessed With You"

Hey guys, this idea just came to me, but I just thought of book idea 3. "How to make the masses obsessed with you". Masses can mean groups, crowds, people at work, etc. My post literally titled the same thing, is easily one of the most viewed posts here. The first book was all about making one person obsessed with you - but why not make a few people obsessed with you - even masses? For once, I actually opened up the comments section. You can go anon, or you don't have to. Just say "yes" if you want this book out, and if so - what would you want in it?

Thanks guys!

A Guide For People Who Get Depressed When They Fall In Love (Part 1)

Hi all, I decided to start a Youtube channel because writing can take too long, and sometimes I get these very good ideas and/or have great discussions with friends that I forget to write about on here. Now, I'm not the best speaker out there, so please bear with me... Since I get so busy, I figured I would just "talk" about it, it's less time consuming than sitting here writing about it. I'm not trying to be big or anything, so I'm not going to make fancy videos/using cool editing effects, etc etc. I simply wanted to share information in a less time consuming way. I was using this robotic voice, and as much as I don't fancy my voice as much - I figured it would be MUCH better than listening to that darn robotic voice. Anyways, if you liked it - subscribe. Thank you :) Now, if you're interested in the backstory - here it is:

I know there are a few of you here who experience the pains of falling in love - I know I do. As I go through a really crappy c…

How and Why You Should Build An Emotional Connection.

First of all, don't even bother attempting to instil any kind of emotional connection with your target if they're one of those people who solely has their minds focused on getting laid, or someone who cannot hold an intellectual conversation.

You should build an emotional connection because that's what'll keep you in their hearts, and we tend to stay with certain people that would make us feel a certain way.. If you want to keep them dependent and obsessed be the ONLY person who could make them feel a specific emotion and a strong emotional connection with.

First way: talk about things that would make them feel, use emotional words, show emotion, be passionate, be spontaneous and adventurous. Represent emotion - specifically the emotion they are desperately searching for. Don't get them thinking about anything - unless it's about you. Most things you do with this person must take them out of their minds, and into their bodies, and leave an emotional m…

"Should I keep my intentions to myself?"

It depends on who your target is, and what you want. Here are only two times I would reveal my intentions:

-Are the submissive type, rich/powerful person (be careful about timing though - reveal only when they feel comfortable with you), the victim/damsel in distress/poor me type (make sure they aren't complete control freaks though). 
-If you're absolutely sure this person may have similar intentions
-If you wanted a relationship. But only on the condition you know they feel the same way.
-If you need to set some boundaries/might not be taking you seriously.
-If they won't put up with bullshit - it's more likely they'll just walk away.
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