How and Why You Should Build An Emotional Connection.

First of all, don't even bother attempting to instil any kind of emotional connection with your target if they're one of those people who solely has their minds focused on getting laid, or someone who cannot hold an intellectual conversation.

You should build an emotional connection because that's what'll keep you in their hearts, and we tend to stay with certain people that would make us feel a certain way.. If you want to keep them dependent and obsessed be the ONLY person who could make them feel a specific emotion and a strong emotional connection with.

First way: talk about things that would make them feel, use emotional words, show emotion, be passionate, be spontaneous and adventurous. Represent emotion - specifically the emotion they are desperately searching for. Don't get them thinking about anything - unless it's about you. Most things you do with this person must take them out of their minds, and into their bodies, and leave an emotional memory.

Second way: Instigate their primal instincts, BE SUBTLE THOUGH.

Third way: Trigger their suppressed sides, and create yearning by triggering such emotions. You can do this by discovering what it is, then follow modify your plans and personality accordingly.

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