None of you can contact me, sick and tired of this bullshit.

Some of you guys just emailing me stupid shit, asking about my personal life - then getting pissed off because I don't share about my personal life anymore, and I'm becoming "commercialized" and calling me arrogant? How am I being arrogant? Wanna hear arrogant??? I made 4grand in one day - the other day, JUST from sales (YOUR ONE MONTH'S SALARY). Some of you just need to learn to shut the f**** up. If I'm arrogant then I've EVERY. PIECE. OF. IT. None of you understand the blood, sweat, tears I put into my work, nor do you understand the sleepless years I have put into my books and writing.

. See, I tried to keep my ego in check, but now that I see you fools are really trying to provoke me - there you go. With those amounts in a day, I NEED to get my shit together. I'm a "housewife" and the money gets invested into marketing and shit. So my "husband" thought I was just using this money to play - naw, I know my potential and here I am living it..

Can't I just be making this kind of doe, getting recognition -  because well. I'M GOOD AT IT??? now you have to include the fucking devil in this?? not because I have talent, or I was meant to do it??!?!?! HAH! Well thank you for creating all your sick conspiracy theories, because all you're truly doing is spreading my name. I could be responsible and invest like I normally do, but naw. I think I'll go live my arrogant commercialized life, spend it on a nice trip to Greece and spoil my mommy.  LEAVE ME AND MY FAMILY ALONE. INCLUDING MY BOYFRIEND. FUCK!!! Bye little wankstas. But I love the rest of you, and thank you for making this happen - working on book 3 - after exams. <3 I'm kinda disappointed. Thought a lot of you would be happy for me. Guess not.

Now there are your answers. About the selling my soul thing,, I feel a bit bad for Satan. He gets so much disrespect, why not have a little sympathy and respect for him... He does work quite hard... But... not selling my fucking soul, and why in the world would these powerful entities want a mere mortal's soul???? But then again.. there's nothing in this world for free....


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