Hey all,

Now, I wanted to apologize about my last post "you can't contact me". Of course I tried to keep my cool, but when many people are emailing me saying/accusing me of the same things - it gets frustrating. I shouldn't have bragged, or become arrogant, or allow myself to be bothered by VERY nosey comments/questions that have nothing to do with my work. After all, if it weren't for you guys - I wouldn't be living out my dreams as an author, or taking my mom on this [superrr expensive] trip to Greece. Trust me, I'm grateful for all of your support but please understand I have feelings and emotions too, so please stick to questions about my work. I'll even post the [relevant] questions on here, so others who may have that question also - will finally have their answers. But seriously - do not ask me things like what I look like, if I'd like to join you for a coffee in Athens (although, you we might walk past each other - and not even know it.. interesting thought...), questioning the status of my love life, or the kind of brand of coffee/tea I like - so you can gift it to me. I appreciate it, but I'm here to share knowledge about what you guys came here for. However, to answer someone else's question "do you tell people you're an author?" answer: No. Although it depends on who is asking..

Once again, I am sooo grateful - and if it weren't for anyone's support - I would've been IN A CUBICLE. GOD FORBID. Haha, I love you guys. I shouldn't have become angry, I understand you're fascinated and want to know me on a more personal level... On a more serious note, I've dreamed of this since I was a little girl, and because of you guys - I'm living my dreams.

Oddly enough, I am kinda emotional right now, I've come a long way! I remember writing my first book, having sleepless nights thinking no one will read my work, let alone want to buy it. I remember wanting to give up, and throw it all away, becoming depressed because I thought I'd have to settle for some boring job that would leave me bitter on my deathbed, and hoping at least ONE person would read my work.. But, I took the risk, and turns out that wasn't the case, and this is only the beginning.. So, Thank you all for having faith in everything I do, respecting me, and protecting me from mean people/haters when I wasn't strong enough to... You guys don't know much you mean to me!! I love you all!!! <3

Okay, I'll stop with the sentiment haha, I just can't believe this is all happening so fast... - here's for the post :)

Using beliefs against someone

you can use their beliefs against them, by "having the same ones" to make them feel closer to you.

Instilling fear/Using it to motivate them:
Let's say someone is motivated by status. If they're sitting around on the couch not going to that event you want them to be at with you - say something like "what would they think of you?" If you understand why they're motivated by status [their parents], add something like "what would your parents think of you?" Although I would completely advise against this, because it's quite obvious.

Reverse psychology:
If your chosen person is constantly telling you things like "I'm adventurous", and they prove the opposite - try reverse psychology. "Interesting - thought you were adventurous.."

Gaslighting them:
Similar to reverse psychology. Although, this would be more applicable if you wanted to place the blame on them, or an enemy.

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